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My Farm Life

Where I live there are farms everywhere. All around my town there are sheep farms, cow farms, horse farms, and just plain old farms! I wouldn’t really say that my house is a real farm, but it has everything that would be at a farm.

My house has a big, old barn right in the middle of my yard. There is a field next door that is perfect for cows or horses. I have fencing everywhere, and there is a ton of yard area. I would say my house is a farm, because I have dogs, horses, rabbits, and sometimes there are cows next door.

My best friend for all time, Allison, has a horse farm, too! She has 13 horses there. On some days in the summer I am out in the barn all day. I ride there when there is time, and I have a blast! They have a huge field in the back, and we sometimes go out there and play on the piles of dirt.

I love being around farms, even though sometimes it gets really boring, because I don’t get out much ūüôā Almost none of my friends in my grade live at farms, but there are tons of people in the school that do. My house/farm is great, and I love every second of it!

Welcome to No ProblEMMA!

Welcome to No ProblEMMA!


My name is Emma, and I am the creator of No ProblEMMA. I am in Mr. Avery’s 6th grade class.¬†I have 1 brother, my mom and dad, and a ton of pets. I have 2 rabbits ( Thumper and Marshmallow ), 2 dogs ( Finn and Matilda ), and 2 horses ( Maggie and Annie ).¬†My favorite food is pancakes, and I love the color¬†blue.


This blog is a place where you can see what goes on in my life, at school, and anywhere else I happen to go. I am¬†going to¬†try to write a¬†post every week, so be sure to visit often. I hope my blog will become as successful as Mr. Avery’s someday. I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment!

Thank You:

I would like to thank my teacher, Mr. Avery, to allow me to have this blog.¬†I would ¬†also like to thank my¬†grandmother, my two cousins, my brother,¬†my mom, and my dad for leaving comments on Mr. Avery’s blog. Thanks to¬†all of them, I won Mr. Avery’s Blogging War, and received my own blog. I am looking forward to sharing moments in my life, and my thoughts on things that are happening in the¬†world with you. Enjoy!