I’m Back!

Hello everyone! So… Wow. I haven’t posted anything on here in about a year… Yikes! I am SO sorry! I have attempted to post several times, but it just didn’t happen. I have been CRAZY busy so far this year, but I finally think I am ready to start blogging again. I did change my blog theme around a bit, and I really like it! So… Let’s recap some of the stuff that has happened since I last posted!

Number one, I moved. TWICE! I still live in the same town, but yes, I did move. My mom first moved to a small house on the other side of town, because my parents got divorced. We lived there for about two and a half years, then packed up our stuff and moved to another house right down the street! Then, after about the same amount of time, we moved BACK into the house we were in before.

Number two, I had to give up my horses 🙁 The cost was becoming too much of a burden on my family, as well as all of the work. But something good turned out of it! They are actually at the house that my mom moved into!

Number three, I am in a new grade, and a new school! So, last year, since I was going into seventh grade, I had to go up to the middle school, because my elementary school only goes up to sixth grade. I was really scared at first, but now, I absolutely love it! I am now in eight grade, and next year I will be going into high school! Exciting, right?

Lastly, number four. I FINALLY got an iPhone 😀 I have been hoping to get one for sooo long, and this Christmas, I got the iPhone 5C! It is the light blue color, and I absolutely love it. Now I can blog wherever I am, since I don’t have a laptop. I am in no way trying to brag, by the way!

As for my family, all is well! My parents got everything all settled between them, and I am still happy as can be, since I still see both of them a bunch every week. My brother is doing well, and I still have my dogs! They are happy as well 🙂 In case you are new here, I have two dogs, Finn and Matilda, and they are brother and sister. My horses’ names are Maggie and Annie (Annabelle). If you have any other questions, just leave a comment down below!

I am so happy that I am blogging again, and I know this is going to be a great year! I’m not really sure what I’m going to post, but I will make sure there is always something new up here 🙂 Bye guys!

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Finn and Matilda (Finn is the blonde, Matilda is the black)

Maggie and Annabelle (Maggie is in the front, Annie is in the back)

Maggie and Annabelle (Maggie is in the front, Annie is in the back)


Annie and I

Annie and I


Maggie and I

Maggie and I


EduBlog Awards!

As some of you may know, the voting has STARTED! The EduBlog Awards is an event that happens every year. It basically recognizes blogs from around the globe that can possibly win the EduBlog Award! There are lots of different categories to be nominated in, such as the Student Blog, Teacher Blog, Class Blog, and tons more!

Here are some of the nominations that you can now vote for!

Best Class Blog:

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Best Student Blogs:

Bronte’s Barn

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Use of Media/Video

Mr. Avery’s Class

You can vote in as many categories as you would like very day! Only one vote in a certain category per day… Be sure to check out some of the links that I posted above!  Voting ends on December 10. The actual awards ceremony will be held on December 12 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. You can check out the awards online at edublogawards.com

Click here to vote now!


A New Beginning

Hello there! As some of you may know, the school year has ‘started up’. I am currently going to a different school than before, and I am LOVING IT! Here on No ProblEMMA, I haven’t now anything for several months… I would like to change that! I am going to start coming on very often and making new posts, such as “Category of the Week”, and tons of different updates, such as my life, and the world around me.

In my new school, I have made TONS of new friends! I am not around my old friends as much as before, but we are still close. I have made new best friends, as well as new “regular” friends. I have alot more freedom than before… No one has to walk in lines in the hallway, and the bell rings every 52 minutes, which means lots of moving around! Some of my classes are upstairs, and some are down. None of the classes are in the same room, they are all in different rooms. There are tons of different activities all through the month, such as pep rallies and Honor Roll Breakfasts.

I have had so much fun, and I am hoping to be able to keep up with everything! I am going to try my hardest to stay active on the blog, and I hope to gain some of my popularity back! Thank you to everyone that helped me through the year last eyar (Mr. Avery and Miss Girard). Thanks!


Blogging Buddies

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Here on No ProblEMMA, I have been starting to get a lot of visitors. Some of the visitors are from places all the way on the other side of the world (well, at least for me), but I haven’t been getting any comments from anyone! I am going to start something that I hope will get more comments from people all over the world. I am going to start having Blogging Buddies.

Blogging Buddies are students that have blogs of their own. We can check out each others blogs and leave comments on different posts. I am going to make a section on the left hand sidebar that says “Blogging Buddies” so you can see who I have for Blogging Buddies so far.

If you have a blog and would like to be Blogging Buddies with me, leave a comment that says who you are (no last names, please) and what your blog’s name is. I will check it out, and I am sure we will become Blogging Buddies really fast! I hope this will give me and tons of others the chance to talk to people from all over the world 🙂


On June 15, 2012, my 6th grade class and I officially left our elementary school.  It was a very emotional day for all of us. Tears flooded the room. We have had so many great memories there, and I would like to share some of my favorite memories with you!

When I was in 1st grade, I met my best friend in the entire world, Allison.  We have been best friend ever since then and I hope we always will be! Another great memory was when I went into the 3rd grade. My teacher was so funny and nice. We would come up with fun ways to remember things for tests.

When I went into the 4th grade, everything changed. It was the first time ever that I had actually been able to feel fun in the air. That was when I met my teacher, Mr. Avery. Right when I walked into the room, I knew that we were going to have some fun times that year. We made videos, and learned things on the smart board. I will always remember playing Star Wars at the end of the day.

Fifth grade was an AWESOME year. I met my teacher, and I IMMEDIATELY  knew that she was one of my favorite teachers ever. We had so much fun! It always smelt good in there, and even to this very day it smells awesome. I remember reading books like “Crash” and “The Liberation of Gabriel King.” I am never going to forget 5th grade.

Sixth grade was the best year of my entire life. Every day (well, mostly) we did something fun. My awesome teachers were the ones that made it the best year ever.  We made videos in Mr. Avery’s class, and learned TONS of different things in ELA with Miss Girard. We Mystery Skyped, made an alphabet that went with different math words, and went on outstanding field trips. My favorite field trip was to Sandwich where we had a tour of salt marshes.

It was so much fun when we played Watussi. Watussi is when you have 2 teams on either side of our gym. There are a bunch of balls in the middle, and a bowling pin at each end of the gym. There is a jail that had a giant ball standing on a rod that you need to knock down in order to be freed from jail. The object of the game is to knock down the other team’s pin. We had our 6th grade graduation on Thursday, June 14, 2012. We did a flash mob dance to “Don’t Stop Believing” at the very end. We also had a cookout with hamburgers and hot dogs. They were very yummy. The last day of school was VERY emotional. We had an assembly to hand out awards to the school, and at the end we watched our “End of the Year” video. In the video, it had pictures all the way from Kindergarten to now. There were lots of funny pictures of us on it. The song “Home” by Phillip Phillips was the very last song to be played on it. Every time I hear that song I get really sad because it reminds of my school and the last day.

All of my 7 years at my elementary school were the best years of my entire life. I will always remember all of the teachers I had and all of the awesome friends I made. There are special memories that will always remain in my hear. Thank you, Mr. Avery, for giving me this blog. Thank you Mr. Avery and Miss Girard for making my 6th grade year the best year of my entire life. I love you all!

Road Trip!

Last April vacation, I took a road trip to Florida. We were gone from a Saturday to a Sunday. The drive took 27 hours just to get there, so it was about 60 hours driving altogether. We drove through 11 states. Those states were: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

Driving there was so much fun! On the trip there was: My mom, my brother, Alyxandra H. Mrs. H., and me. We were listening to music the whole time. We played games like the License Plate game, the 50 States game, 20 Questions, and many other games. Every once in a while we would stop for a snack, then continue on our way. Alyxandra and I were having a blast! We were watching the people that went by, and when they looked, I would wave to them. Alyxandra usually made goofy faces at them 😀

When we finally got there, it was about 11:00 p.m. We unpacked everything we would need for the night, such as a toothbrush, and our pillows and pajamas. We were staying at a beautiful house. It was in a quiet neighborhood, and had an awesome view of a nice pond. It even had it’s very own pool on the back porch!

We went to the bench every single day except for that Thursday. The beach was gorgeous. It had a tram that we road on, and it had a nice little boardwalk on the way down. The sand was so soft and white that it didn’t even seem real. The water was the warmest ocean water I have ever felt in my whole life. It was perfect. You never got cold. The funniest thing happened one day while we were all in the water. We were all swimming in the water, just splashing around. All of a sudden, we started to see a bunch of fish. Apparently Mrs. H. was right in the middle of a giant school of fish! She got whacked in the back of the head by one fish, then when she turned around to see what happened, she got slapped in the face by another fish! It was SO funny!

The zoo was spectacular. There was almost every animal you could imagine; there were parrots, zebras, lions, giraffes, antelopes, monkeys, alligators, and tons more! We watched a cool show in a tent that had an animal trainer that was showing us a bunch of animals. After the show, we ate lunch under a tent. It was so cool, because some of the meals came with little carrying cases shaped as either a monkey or a bear.

Florida was awesome. Just writing this post made me want to go back! It is so nice there that you never want to leave (that’s just my opinion). I am so glad I got to go, and I hope someday I can go to Florida again (but this time I’m flying :))!






My Farm Life

Where I live there are farms everywhere. All around my town there are sheep farms, cow farms, horse farms, and just plain old farms! I wouldn’t really say that my house is a real farm, but it has everything that would be at a farm.

My house has a big, old barn right in the middle of my yard. There is a field next door that is perfect for cows or horses. I have fencing everywhere, and there is a ton of yard area. I would say my house is a farm, because I have dogs, horses, rabbits, and sometimes there are cows next door.

My best friend for all time, Allison, has a horse farm, too! She has 13 horses there. On some days in the summer I am out in the barn all day. I ride there when there is time, and I have a blast! They have a huge field in the back, and we sometimes go out there and play on the piles of dirt.

I love being around farms, even though sometimes it gets really boring, because I don’t get out much 🙂 Almost none of my friends in my grade live at farms, but there are tons of people in the school that do. My house/farm is great, and I love every second of it!

Spelling Bee

My school recently had a 4th, 5th, and 6th grade spelling bee. Ten students from each grade competed to make it in the top ten. The ten finalists would compete for the 3rd place, 2nd place, and 1st place spots. The round would be over once everybody went. If somebody got the word wrong, then they would be out. The remaining spellers would keep going forward until the final three spots were determined.

The ten finalists for 5th grade were: Nick, Mike, Arri, Jackie, Amanda, Collin, Emily, Alison, Trey, and Tristan. The 3rd place winner for the 5th grade spelling bee was Trey. The 2nd place winner was Emily. The 1st place winner for the 5th grade spelling bee was Alison. All of the spellers did a great job, and should be proud even if they didn’t make it to the final three!

The ten finalists for 6th grade were: Kristin, Faith, Kirstyn, Anthony, Phil, me, Jenny, Alyxandra, Rachele, Ed, and Alyssa (but Alyssa and Ed couldn’t make it, so there were only 9) The 3rd place winner for the 6th grade spelling bee was me. The 2nd place winner was Alyxandra. The 1st place winner for the 6th grade spelling bee was Faith. Alyxandra and Faith broke the school record for the most rounds taken to find the 2nd and 1st place winners: 35 rounds! Everybody did an amazing job, and they, too, should be very proud of making it into the top ten. Nice job everybody!

My Little Life

The number of people that commented on my last post was overwhelming. I was overpowered with happiness when I saw the number of comments I had from just one night. I decided it would be nice to make a little video with some pictures of me in it, since so many people have been asking me to.

My life is wonderful. I have everything I could wish for; I have a wonderful brother, I have a mom and a dad, and I have a ton of pets. I have the best friends in the world, and I go to a wonderful school. My life is full of happiness, and that is all I could ever hope for.

I am a bookworm. I love to read books, magazines, and even some newspaper articles. Sometimes I can get really into a book and not know what is going on around me, but sometimes I get so bored that my thoughts start to wander. My favorite place to read is in my bed, surrounded by the hundreds of stuffed animals that I have. I have never cried reading a book before, but I have been very close.


I made a little video that has some pictures of my brother and I in it. The pictures were taken a long time ago, so I look a little different than the way I do now. Enjoy!


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My Pets Are My Life

There are many things in my life that I can’t live without. I am nothing without my pets. They are always there for me. Animals bring something special into your life that can’t be described. They are always there for you, no matter what happens.

My pets are my family. I don’t even consider them to be animals. I consider them as humans. They have emotions and personalities like we do, and nothing can ever change that. If you look into their eyes, it seems as if they are speaking to you. Each animal loves somebody ( or something ) for their own special reason. People are the same way.

I love each animal I own for their own special reason. I love my dog Tildy because she seems to listen to you. She gives me hugs ( literally ), and she loves to snuggle. I love my other dog Finn because he is always there for me. He loves to play, and he is the only animal I have that sits in my lap. I love my horse Maggie because she is the sweetest thing in the world. She loves it when I rub her face, and she loves to walk around with me. I love my other horse Annie because she has her own little way of showing her affection. Sometimes she snuggles up next to me, but other times she she tries to push me away (literally).

I would love to hear from you, so please leave a comment! Click below to see a video of my pets:

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